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We are seeking highly motivated senior undergrad, M.S., Ph.D. students, or postdoc (Machine learning (preferred),
Nanomaterial synthesis, Lithography/Printing, Optoelectronics, etc.) to join our research group!

Introduction video of NGON Lab

  • We pursue a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere respecting and helping each other.

  • We seek a laboratory where there is comfortable and smooth communication and empathy 

  • To the extent possible, students are encouraged to research in their field of interest.

  • We encourage participation in various online/offline conferences at home and abroad, in addition to tuition and living subsidy support.

We are seeking highly motivated senior undergrad, M.S., Ph.D students,

or post dot to join our research group!

Postdoc recruit area

Machine learning (preferred), Nanomaterials synthesis,

Lithography/Printing, Optoelectronics etc.

Opening (As of Nov. 2022)

Fall Semester 2023: Undefined

(Meeting required)

We believe interdisciplinary research is necessary to develop disruptive future technology.

Students from other departments (Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering,

Electrical Engineering, etc.) who are interested in optoelectronic nanomaterials and devices are all welcome.

Please send Prof. Cho a resume (CV) or a transcript

via e-mail

If you are interested, but are not sure about the field of study or if you need meeting, please feel free to contact us :)


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