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The future society will be based on "the Metaverse", which is a fusion of the real world and the virtual world, and accordingly, the importance of hyper-realistic displays as a medium of virtual communication is increasing. To realize such immersive AR/VR near-eye displays, the development of high color-purity light emitters is indispensable to expand the color reproduction range of displays. 

Our Research



Metal Halide Perovskites

Metal halide perovskites have great potential in realizing more immersive and realistic AR/VR displays that could satisfy almost 100% of Rec.2020 in the near future.


Colloidal Quantum Dots (QDs)

Colloidal quantum dots (QDs) based on II-VI (e.g., CdSe, ZnSe) or III-V (e.g., InP) compound semiconductors are useful low-dimensional building blocks for light-emitting diodes and displays.



Perovskite & QD LED

Device engineering of perovskite light emitting diodes (LEDs) and QD LEDs is crucial for achieving high-efficiency and high-stability devices.


Direct Optical Patterning

It is important to selectively deposit the nanocrystal arrays onto the desired locations of thin-film devices or integrated (opto)electronic circuitry by using precise material-adapted patterning methods.



Novel Optoelectronic Devices 

Our group is developing a new optical neuromorphic that processes image data efficiently using light and electrical signals. It uses colloidal semiconducting quantum dots and perovskite nanocrystals as a light-sensing layer, enabling on-chip learning and overcoming limitations of traditional computing.


Opical Quantum Computing

We fabricate nanomaterials that maximize the properties required for quantum computing and apply them to various quantum device applications such as Boson sampling and entanglement swapping.

Optical quantum computing
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